A place for our community

The Vale hub

The Vale Community Hub was born out of the Watervale residents making the bold decision to sell their historic hall with the intention of establishing a community hub that was located in an area that was more beneficial to the community.  The Hall was in serious state of disrepair and the community was not in a financial position to fund the necessary upkeep.  The Oval precinct was a very busy place with three sporting clubs located in the area with both juniors and seniors congregating there on training nights and weekends.  The community was very keen to establish a facility that could provide a meeting place for everyone in this popular location.


The brave move was taken to sell the hall in the late 2000s and the plan was to build a new facility at the oval.  This process took a little longer than expected but the community did not give up and after many grant applications they were finally successful in receiving funding from all levels of government, Federal, State and our local Council. MacKenzie Homes and Commercial managed the construction, with all the contractors being locally based.  Many volunteer hours have gone into planning, digging, moving dirt, landscaping and we have finally been able to open our modern vibrant facility for not only Watervale residents but the Mid North region.  Watervale is centrally located and therefore a prime choice as a venue for the region.

The Oval precinct (named The Watervale Soldiers Memorial Recreation Ground) is home to the Watervale Redbacks Cricket Club, the Watervale Tennis Club, The Watervale Bowling Club and the Country Fire Service.

The Vale Community Hub is owned and managed by the Watervale community through the Towns peak body called the Watervale Community Association.  This is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers who have a passion for providing a welcoming space for all community members to benefit.